It’s not hard to be kind aye !

A catchphrase coined by a Kaikoura resident is helping ease the burden of a red-stickered business owner.

Kaikoura couple Carol and Jeff Reardon moved to Kaikoura after their home was destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes and now their generous spirit is touching others, with a new catchphrase coined in the process.

After an impromptu television appearance while cooking a crayfish breakfast for tourists after Kaikoura’s 7.8 quake, Jeff Reardon told the world he wanted to send the visitors away with a full belly and some good memories of Kaikoura, in spite of the earthquake.

"It's not hard to be kind, eh?" he said when asked why he was doing it.  The simple message struck a chord with many, with the Facebook responses overwhelming. the video went viral, according to the couple's son, Kori, and he jumped on the phrase to try and make a difference for Kaikoura, printing the message on T-shirts as a fundraiser.

He approached Christchurch screen printers, Gooses, to ask if they could print some T-shirts by the next day, and in a happy coincidence they had some stock intended for a Kaikoura business which had suffered greatly in the quake.

Kaikoura Surf, owned by Wayne Shanks, was red-stickered last week, along with his wife Lisa Moffatt's gift shop, Detail, next door.


"Wayne's stock was in the factory so we thought let's try and help him pay off his debt and use the rest to help Kaikoura's small businesses," Reardon said

"There are people outside Kaikoura willing to keep the economy afloat."

Reardon said initially 350 T-shirts were printed with the 'It's not hard to be kind eh' slogan, and sold at $25 each at last week's Six60 concert in Hagley Park, Christchurch.

All profits from the concert were also being donated to the Kaikoura relief effort, after organisers decided to double capacity and offer two-for-one tickets.

Reardon said he hoped the initiative would "go gangbusters" and said there was plenty of scope to produce more T-shirts.

"The work was really testament to the phrase my dad coined on TV," he said.

"It resonated with so many people, and it's so true.

"It's great to have it on a T-shirt because it helps with the psyche."

Reardon said it could sometimes seem hard to be kind, but when people were kind they were actually helping themselves as well as others.

“It doesn't take a lot of effort to do something kind, even like buying a T-shirt," he said.

If you want to be KIND TODAY – purchase your t-shirt .



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