Gooses Screen Design Move Premises

The Earthquake has bought much sadness to all that live and work in Christchurch.
In September our building in Fitzgerald Ave was battered and bruised, however in February it could not sustain the ferocity of the Earth's movement. Our factory floor was extensively damaged. We lost our beloved German Auto Machine and Dryer and much stock. After 22 years Gooses needed to up and fly to a new destination.
We are the very proud owners of new printing machinery from United States. Our purchase of M & R Fusion Dryer + M & R Sportsman 8 colour Printer. This will provide Gooses with the ability to produce fantastic quality printing on all types of garments and merchandise.
We pride ourselves on Quality and Service.
We have wonderful staff who have flown with us through this journey and are always ready and willing to help anyone to achieve their goals.
They say every cloud has a Silver Lining. The Goose has flown and we like where we have landed.
Come and see us and share an experience...

Gooses Screen Design
10a Allen Street,
Christchurch Central
Christchurch 8011

Hours: Monday - Friday  8.00am - 5.00pm