Artwork Specification Guidelines


When you have the idea to put your artwork or branding on a shirt, it can be hard to understand what file types are required, what colours to use, where your artwork should be placed, and more. We have put together these handy guidelines, so you and your artwork are ready to go for your next order with Gooses Screen Design! Having correctly prepared artwork will make the process run a lot more smoothly and faster for both yourself and us. 

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We can accept your artwork in the following formats; Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Portable Document Format (.pdf), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg), and high resolution 300dpi JPGs or PNGs that are not overly detailed, and 4 colours or less.
We do not accept artwork in the following formats; JPGs or PNG file formats below 300dpi, Corel Draw, Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF), Microsoft paint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, Paintbrush, Corel WordPerfect, Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher.

If you pull an image or logo off of Google search, it is usually only 72dpi, meaning it is very low quality and contains not as many pixels to create a better quality image suited for print. Although we accept photo/pixel based artwork above 300dpi, are preferred file formats will always be Vector (.ai, .pdf, .eps).

If you can not provided our accepted file formats, please be aware that this will come with an additional file prep/re-draw cost.

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If you have used fonts or type in your design, please make sure it is converted to outlines/curves, or provide the font files to us.
Font files can be found in Windows > Fonts on a PC,
or  Library > Fonts on a mac.

To convert text to outlines using Adobe Illustrator, simply select your written line of text, click 'type' in your top menu, then select 'Create Outlines', and Voilà! You're done! 



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You can email your artwork to our Sales Administrator at, or send directly to one of our graphic designers at If your artwork file is quite large for email, we recommend using the free file transfer service You can also send your files to us via Google Drive, but please ensure that you have enabled either of the above emails to view your folder, otherwise we will not be able to view or download anything.


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Do you need help turning your vision into an awesome piece of original eye-catching art? We offer an in-house graphic design service, offering concept art for $100 + GST. You can work with our experienced team to create original art for your organisation or brand so it's print-ready and fits in perfectly within your industry.
Please contact to arrange custom artwork.

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With screen printing you can only print up to 6 colours (including a white base if you're printing on a dark garment), so please keep this in mind when designing your artwork or preparing your files. Our design team are happy to try help make alterations to your design so it can be printed within our 6 colour capacity. Some of the best designs in the world are only made up of a few colours, simple is effective!

For complicated artwork with more than 6 colours, we can print in CMYK, and although we always strive for perfection, this may take a little longer and there may be some slight variations with the appearance of your colours. For low order quantities and photo prints, we recommend direct to garment digital printing, which you can arrange with our sales team as an alternative.

For the best quality print, we use the Pantone Solid Coated colour matching system. They have a library of over 1300 colours. We have an accurate mixing formula for each, and can provide consistent colour matching to your design. For true accuracy when it comes to choosing your colours, we recommend designing your artwork with PMS C colours. Please note that Pantone colours on computer screens will look slightly different when printed, so if you would like to see the physical colour in person, pop into our office and our team can talk you through one of our industry Pantone colour books and you can see how your chosen colour looks against the colour of your garment. 

You can view current available Pantone Solid Coated colours here.
(If you are planning on using water based inks, please click the drop down menu under 'color library' and select 'Pantone Solid Uncoated')

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Below are some common ways you can position your artwork on a garment, but you can also come up with your own unique placement. Artwork can not be placed directly onto a hem or the edge of a garment. Sizing of the art is different for every order, but we base your sizing on the smallest shirt in your order. If you are doing sizes from Small all the way to beyond 2XL, you may want to consider organising a larger print size for the larger shirts (3XL +) so the print still looks effective and proportionate.